Diversity & Global Education

The mission of the Heritage Hall Diversity and Global Education Committee is to cultivate curricula and programs that promote a global perspective on diversity and human dignity.
The Heritage Hall Diversity and Global Education Committee works to support the mission of the school: to learn with honor, to lead with courage, and to serve with compassion. The values exemplified in our mission compel us to celebrate our differences and begin the lifelong journey to global citizenship. Our vision is to promote Heritage Hall's commitment to inclusivity and respect for diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, marital, parental, and economic status, geography, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, mental health, and learning style.

A diverse student body has far-reaching and significant benefits for all students. As such, we believe that our community's diversity should be viewed as a resource and strength. It is our intent that students, faculty, and patrons from all backgrounds and perspectives are recognized and enjoy a harassment-free environment.


Courageous Conversations seeks to bring faculty members together four times during the academic year to engage in structured, ongoing dialogues that examine the dynamics of diversity in our community. These conversations will be led by LS Spanish Teacher Whittney Darko and Director of Diversity and Justice Michael McDaniel, along with selected guest speakers/presenters. Many of the talking points will be derived from the documentary America to Me and the Pacific Educational Group. It is our hope that faculty members will come ready to listen, learn, and share.


Regina Banks
Whittney Darko
Brian Ford
Jennifer Huff
Campbell Hart
Ashley Baer Heil '09
Samantha Kobs
Michael McDaniel
Nina McPherson
Susan Story
Katie Parrott Trudgeon '93