Heritage Hall Honors Faculty, Staff

On Wednesday, August 14, Heritage Hall welcomed back teachers and staff with its annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon, sponsored by the School’s Board of Trustees.

In addition to recognizing employees for milestone years of service, the School announced three inaugural chaired endowments, The Guy A. Bramble Chair in English and Language Arts, the Julie O. Bramble Chair in Elementary Education, and the William Carson Harris ’19 Middle School Faculty Chair. 

Both Bramble endowments were established by past patrons Tony and Jil Boghetich (parents of April Boghetich Rutledge ’97, Travis Boghetich ’99, Cody Boghetich ’03, and Christina Boghetich ’08), under the auspices of the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation. 

Tony Boghetich, a past board president and long-time champion of Heritage Hall teachers, said, “Our faculty is the most important asset of our school; not our buildings, not our campus – our faculty!” The endowments were so named in honor of both Guy and Julie Bramble’s “long-term (31 of its 50 years) and transformational leadership of Heritage Hall.” 

The William Carson Harris ’19 Middle School Faculty Chair was established by alumnus Glenn Harris ’77 in memory of his son, Will, who greatly appreciated the Middle School teachers’ care for him in and out of the classroom, which proved instrumental in his personal growth, happiness, and success. Glenn Harris is the father of Eliot Harris Dennard ’05, Grace Harris ’08, Tripp Harris ’16, Will Harris ’19, and Max Harris.

The Guy A. Bramble Chair in English and Language Arts – Recipient: Robert Ring, English Department Chair
Dedicated to the School’s longtime, visionary headmaster and member of the English department, Guy A. Bramble. The chair honors teaching excellence in the English or Language Arts departments for grades 5-12.

The Julie O. Bramble Chair in Elementary Education – Recipient: Sharon Marion, Educational Support Services 
Honors a Lower School (PS-4) teacher who demonstrates a nurturing approach, a deep passion for learning, and an unwavering devotion to students.

William Carson Harris ’19 Middle School Faculty Chair – Recipient: Cathie Perry, Sixth Grade English
Honors a teacher who demonstrates compassion and emphasizes the teacher-student relationship.

Heritage Hall Faculty/Staff Milestone Recognitions
  • 35 Years – Jan Bradford, Roxanne Warner
  • 20 Years – Chris Gfeller, Mary Lukaszek
  • 15 Years – Jay Ferguson ’96, Chris Hamilton, Sharon Marion, Katie Parrott Trudgeon ’93, Andi Townsley, Leslie Hamlin
  • 10 Years – Regina Banks, Jamie Bramble ’05, Bill Elder, Cristi Miller, Jennifer Huff, Heather Verity Showalter ’95, Judy Turner
  • 5 Years – Christina Boghetich ’08, Cooper Cloud ’11, Erin Cox, Becky Drozd, Jay Freeman, Wesley Holloway ’08, Megan Johnson, Trevor Larson ’08, Brooke Bogert McKean ’10, Jenifer Standish, Dr. Karen Thurston, Sheila Walters

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