Heritage Hall Alumni Share College Advice

By Saif Salim ’20

A panel of three college-aged alumni returned to Heritage Hall on January 7 to offer advice to juniors and seniors as they plan their future educational paths. 

Panelists Audrey Brigham ’19, Emily Pearson ’19, and Jake Steelman ’19 – now freshmen at Alabama University, Tulsa University, and Oklahoma State University, respectively – shared experiences from their first semester of college and discussed how Heritage Hall prepared them for college life. Other topics included leaving home, workloads, independence, increased opportunities, and transitioning from high school to college.

Bringing alumni back to speak with current students has been a long-standing College Counseling tradition at Heritage Hall. 

“Each year, our juniors and seniors benefit from the wisdom and experiences of Chargers who have just completed their first semester of college,” explained College Counselor Julie Bramble. 

“Somehow, the importance of attending classes, consulting the course syllabus frequently, and becoming involved in various aspects of campus life are discussions that seem to resonate with our students more deeply when coming from peer panelists, rather than from parents, counselors, or teachers. For juniors and seniors, it’s reassuring to realize that every journey is different, and it's not so much about where you go to college as what you do once you get there,” Bramble concluded.

Now that they’re armed with new knowledge about the college process, I wish my fellow Chargers well in completing the college application process and in their first year of matriculation.

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