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US Students Inducted Into Honor Societies

Congratulations to the following 2023 inductees into the Upper School National Honor Societies!
Computer Science Honor Society
Faculty Sponsor: Ami Steelman
The Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS) encourages students’ enthusiasm for computer science, honors academic excellence, and promotes service. To qualify, students must have completed at least one semester of a Computer Science class (with at least 80% of study devoted to programming), earning a grade of at least 90% in that course. Inductees must complete three hours of community service per year to promote study computer science study.
Barish Edil '23
Jackson Fowler '23
Samuel Fowler '24
McLoud Buergler '25
Anthony Phan '25
Ceylin Tahmaz '25
Cum Laude
Faculty Sponsor: Keith Cassell
The Cum Laude Society encourages and recognizes true scholarship. The presence of a Cum Laude chapter at a secondary school is an indication that superior academic achievement is honored. Criteria for membership are judged strictly by GPA on a 100-point scale, designation as a Challenge Scholar, and standing in the school. Heritage Hall inducts the top 10 students of each senior class who meet these criteria, selecting the top three at the end of their junior year and the remaining seven at the end of their senior year.
Liam Burton '23
Ethan Carr '24
Bardia Ghoreyan '23
Kaavya Manjunath '23
*Sophia Nguyen '23
*Meera Patel '23
*Braden Perkins '23
Roger Smith '24
Cole Spence '24
Ethan Steelman '23
Sofia Tipple '23
Esha Venkataraman '23
Annie Walker '23

*inducted as juniors
Mu Alpha Theta
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Ackerman
The National High School Mathematics Honor Society recognizes outstanding achievement in mathematics; and promotes scholarship, leadership, and interest in mathematics. To qualify, students must have completed five semesters of college preparatory mathematics beginning with Algebra I and must be currently enrolled in a sixth semester of mathematics. Also, a student must have earned a cumulative average in all courses of 85%. Each student must have accumulated a minimum of four grades of at least 90% and have no grades lower than an 80% in math classes.
Adalyn Brown ’25
Jaxon Carter ’24
Emilee Chard ’25
Jasmine Crain ’25
Reagan Creamer ’24
Lexi Dillon ’24
Josh Donovan '23
Elise Douglas ’24
Tatum Dunham ’25
Julius Ejike-Charles ’24
Sam Fowler ’24
Katherine Gray ’23
Turner Hadrava ’25
Hayden Holbrook ’25
Leah Hughes ’24
Evan Hulse ’24
Tatum Laird ’23
Preston Mattingly ’23
Avery McKirahan ’24
Brody Offel ’25
Reese Overland ’25
Peyton Park ’25
Anthony Phan ’25
Lainey Portman ’24
Noah Ram ’24
Ben Showalter ’24
Kalen Sirls ’24
Amelia Stewart ’23
Gideon Williams ’25
Charlie Zeigler ’24
National Honor Society
Faculty Sponsor: Mary Lukaszek
The National Honor Society recognizes seniors who have earned a 90% or above cumulative average by December of their senior year and juniors who have earned a 90% or above for five consecutive semesters while in the Upper School.
Andy Bass '24
Carson Beam '24
Anya Birch '24
Will Blalock '24
Ethan Carr '24
Jaxon Carter '24
Katerina Chrysant '24
Molly Clayton '23
Katherine Cook '24
Chloe Counts '24
Debra Covarrubias '24
Reagan Creamer '24
Lexi Dillon '24
Elise Douglas '24
Julius Ejike-Charles '24
Gray Ferguson '24
Wyatt Fleming '24
Sam Fowler '24
Ela Gary '24
Charlie Ghaniabadi '24
Caius Gish '24
Whitney Goodman '24
Leah Hughes '24
Evan Hulse '24
Grayson Hume '24
Lilly Jackson '24
Atala Johnson '24
Ethan LaGere '24
Avery McKirahan '24
Brysen Norman '24
Tennyson Portman '24
Noah Ram '24
Meghan Reeves '24
Emerson Ritenour '24
Armando Rosell Jr. '23
Ben Showalter '24
Kalen Sirls '24
Rashaud Smith '24
Roger Smith '24
Cole Spence '24
Amelia Stewart '23
Addy Toll '24
Holden Williams '24
Madi Williams '24
Kaeden Woods '24
Charlie Zeigler '24
National Chinese Honor Society
Faculty Sponsor: Jessie Maeer
The National Chinese Honor Society recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service. Students need to have completed at least six semesters of Chinese at the high school level, received an average of 85% or higher, and have at least a “B” average in all other classes. The purpose of the Society is to encourage its members to become lifelong learners, gain a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and play an active role as a contributing global citizens.
Austin Le '25 
Gavin Gayanich-Tipton '25 
Yohonna Bell '25 
National French Honor Society
Faculty Sponsor: Corinne Crepin
The National French Honor Society recognizes students in grades 10-12 who have at least four semesters of French at the high school level with an “A” average and at least a “B” average in all other classes. As part of their induction, students promise to continue their study of the French language with enthusiasm, pride, and their best effort, keeping in mind the society’s motto:
     La personne qui sait deux langues en vaut deux.
     The person who knows two languages is worth two.
Alex Alspaugh '25 
Debra Covarrubias '24
Reagan Fowler '25
Marly Moore '25
Ainsley Trice '25
Blakely Waldenville '25
Madi Williams '24
National Spanish Honor Society
Faculty Sponsor: Narcisa Zehr
The National Spanish Honor Society recognizes students in grades 10-12 who have at least four semesters of Honors Spanish at the high school level. In at least three semesters, these students have received an “A” average and at least a “B” average in all other classes. The Society is reserved for students who plan to continue learning Spanish language and culture outside of Heritage Hall. 
Adalyn Brown ’25
Rhianna Bruner ’25
Katerina Chrysant ’24
Chloe Counts ’24
Owen Fellrath ’25
Turner Hadrava ’25
Cheyenne Mathews ’25
Anthony Neumann ’25
Brody Offel ’25
Anthony Phan ’25
Will Porter ’25
Kaeden Woods ’24
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