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Middle School

School is the training ground that helps shape individuals into the people they will become. Promoting positive learning experiences in Middle School education focuses on the ideal conditions for maximizing student success and engagement.
Proactive Well-Being Lessons
During middle school, students establish academic habits, develop more complex social skills, explore who they are, and make more independent choices. To support them during this time of tremendous growth, students receive well-being lessons twice weekly during advisory. These lessons aim to strengthen their understanding of themselves (their thoughts, emotions, strengths, habits, values, goals) and promote healthy relationships (respect, gratitude, empathy, communication, cooperation, boundaries).

Practicing Well-Being
Seventh and eighth-grade students have the opportunity to take the Health and Well-Being elective. This class introduces students to the many components of well-being and gives them the opportunity to practice and develop skills including taking care of themselves physically (sleep, nutrition, hydration, and movement) and emotionally (mindful awareness of thoughts and emotions, challenging negative thought patterns, and practicing gratitude).

Exploring Values and Purpose
This elective gives MS students a chance to live out our Charger Code on a daily basis by showing them ways they can serve in thoughtful, yet practical ways.  Students learn about the characteristics of servant leadership (empathy, listening, stewardship, building community, and leading from a place of serving) through monthly themes and projects. Each student also creates their own Impact Plan that focuses on the legacy they want to leave at HH.

Relationships and Engagement
Students have a wide range of engaging after-school clubs (including Baking Club, Chess Club, Pokemon Club) to choose from that connect their personal interests to the school environment. These fun, non-academic clubs help students relax and make friends, thereby making school a happier place.
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