Middle School

Meeting the Unique Needs of Our Students

Welcome to Heritage Hall Middle School! Our educational program is designed to fulfill the academic, social, and emotional needs of young adolescents in grades 5-8. This program includes a balanced student-centered curriculum created to provide a framework for success that ensures appropriate preparation of skills for Upper School.

Our program understands the distinct emotional and social needs of the “middle years,” and caters to students’ curiosity and eagerness to explore the world while finding their place within it. Throughout this dynamic period of change, our goal is to meet the unique and differing needs of each student.

Balanced and Ever-Evolving Curriculum

The Middle School community embraces the Heritage Hall motto, To Learn, To Lead, To Serve. This motto reminds all students and adults to act with integrity, responsibility, and respect, while valuing diversity and service.

Through a range of experiences in and out of the classroom, Heritage Hall students are immersed in a balanced curriculum of science, mathematics, humanities, language, and the arts. Our school’s broad and ever-evolving curriculum allows students to find their edge while challenging and engaging them to strive for personal growth and academic excellence.

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  • MS Schedule

  • MS Advisory

    The Advisory Program is designed to aid students in developing skills in leadership, academics, and service which follow the school’s motto of “to Learn, to Lead, to Serve.” Every advisory consists of an equal number of same grade students who meet each day with a core teacher. This relationship between teacher and student is paramount to developing a well-rounded student. Four days a week, with the exception of Thursday, students meet after break to get additional help from teachers. On Thursday, the advisory groups do one of the following activities: participate in an intramural competition, an academically oriented competition, or an advisory lesson (list below).

    Intramural CompetitionsAcademically Oriented CompetitionsAdvisory Lesson Topics
    Punt/Pass/KickPep AssembliesGoal Setting
    Tug-of-WarRed Ribbon WeekDecision Making/Choices
    Basketball ShootoutTalent ShowPeer Pressure
    VolleyballChorus PresentationValues
    DodgeballDrama PresentationManners
    Geography BeeSelf-Esteem
    Spelling BeeConflict Resolution
    Junior Honor Society InductionBullying
    Academic ChallengeDiversity and Understanding
    Student Council InductionRespect and Kindness
    Responsible Use of Technology
    Mental Disorders
  • MS Counseling

    Counseling responsibilities include helping students and families make the best use of available opportunities and resources and to help fully develop each student’s individual potential. Different types of evidence-based methods are used to assure students have positive academic and social outcomes. The counseling program can be broken up into two sections: behavioral counseling and academic counseling.

    School Behavioral/Mental Health Counseling

    Being a behavioral/mental health counselor means to affect change in the student’s behavior. A behavioral counselor helps students think through situations, overcome emotional milestones, learn social skills, deal with crisis situations, and cope with problems. Behaviors a counselor might deal with in the middle school are depression, anxiety, aggression, trauma, substance use; or any other mental disorders or symptoms.

    School Academic/Guidance Counseling

    Being an academic/guidance counselor means to affect change in the student’s academic life. This means handling short/long term case management, identifying and remediating school-wide needs, conducting assessments of student needs, and promoting school attendance.

    Both areas of counseling also include empowering and advocating for students, promoting parent evolvement, collaborating and participating in case conferences with other school officials, serving on the student life committee, assisting families with interpretation of school policies and procedures, and facilitating referral and collaboration with outside agencies.
  • MS Service Learning Program

    The Service Learning Program encourages students to share their time and resources with others. The goal is to enhance the “to Serve” message in the motto by teaching students their responsibility to give back to the community. This position includes management of the program, planning of school service events on and off campus, collaborating with community agencies, and reviewing and approving student-suggested service projects. In addition to these responsibilities, the position is also in charge of the STAR Service Club, which is a group of elected students from grades 5th through 8th interested in leading the school in service projects.

    Typical Recurring Service Projects
    Red Ribbon Week (October)
    Partnership with Smart Start Central OK (November)
    Annual Food Drive (November)
    Holiday Service Projects (December)
    Passion Project through Infant Crisis (February)
    Partnership with Head Start (Spring)
  • Student Activities

    Middle School students have a wide variety of in-school and after-school activities from which to choose. All these activities are optional.

    Middle School Clubs
    World Languages
    German Club

    Math and Strategy
    5th Grade Negative Numbers Club
    Chess Club
    Oral Communications
    Debate Club
    Language Arts
    5th Grade Writers' Club
    TechnologyHour of Code Club
    Spark Club
    EnvironmentalGarden Club
    These offerings are subject to change.



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  • Photo of Matthew Carolan

    Matthew Carolan 

    Head of Middle School
  • Photo of Craig Brown

    Craig Brown 78

    MS Dean of Students
    University of Tulsa - BA
  • Photo of Sue Harris

    Sue Harris 

    MS Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Courtney Ellingson

    Courtney Ellingson 

    MS Study Skills, MS Fine Arts
    Texas Christian University - BS
  • Photo of Nina McPherson

    Nina McPherson 

    MS Counselor
  • Photo of Jenny Campbell

    Jenny Campbell R.N. 

    School Nurse
    Oklahoma City Community College - Associates Degree, Nursing
    Oklahoma State University - B.S., Nutritional Sciences
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Heritage Hall is a co-educational college preparatory school in Oklahoma City. As one of the few secular private schools in the state, we offer a challenging academic curriculum for students from preschool through grade 12, as well as unique leadership opportunities, a wide spectrum of athletics, and a well developed fine arts program.