Save the Date for Heritage Hall Heart of Gold 2024 on Saturday, April 6, 2024, at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club.

Heart of Gold 2022

The 1920s-themed event was a roaring good time, and its success helps preserve Heritage Hall’s stellar educational tradition by growing our endowment fund
Through the combination of the Gold Rush Online Auction, HeART Gallery Auction and Heart of Gold event, more than $503,000 was raised to benefit those who are the hearts of the school, – our teachers. These dedicated men and women give our students the curiosity to learn, the self-confidence to lead, and the compassion to serve
Proceeds help Heritage Hall attract and retain top-quality professionals through teacher endowments, which are selected and awarded annually.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Andrew Aiken
Dr. Mark and Molly Aittaniemi
Hamed and Nora Albiek
Chris and Hilary Allen
AlphaTek Appliance Repair
Berrong Insurance
Blackout Tools
Reagan and Keri Bradford
Brett and Kyleigh Brewer
Matt '91 and Kristen Burris Brown '94
Andy and Vicki Bogert
Brian Bogert '95
Steven and Mindy Bryant
Derek and Amy Burch
Brian and Janie Busey
CarrierHawk LLC
Justin and Staci Carter
Richard and Mirela Carter
Dr. Crysten Cheatwood, DO
Jim Cleaver and Nazette Zuhdi-Cleaver '91
Brady and Jonice Cline
Graham '00 and Betsy Colton
Jeff and Ashton Cook
Jack and Alison Counts
Will and Amy Dean
Ryan and MacKenzie Dennis
David and Venessa Donchin
Scott and Amy Douglas
Kevin and Alisha Shelton Dunnington '97
Blaine Dyer and Ashley Tucker-Dyer
Sam and Jerri Eiser
Scott and Kate England
Tracy and Danielle Enloe
Whitworth, Wilson & Evans, PLLC
Jon and Mary Eve
Hillary, Peter, and Rowan Farrell
First National Bank
Kendal Frayer
Randon and Marli Gibson
Brandon and Lindsey Hart
Terry and Tricia Gilbert
Aaron and Nichole Glover
Chad and Carli Godwin
Rob and Sheridan Gruber
Matt and Jennifer Harris
Frank and Johnel Harrison
Brandon and Lindsey Hart
Mark and Diane Harvey
Chris and Jennifer Haunschild
John Henry '00 and Melissa Mulholland
Heritage Hall School Patrons Association
Randy and Erica Hogan
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Holbrook
Tommy and Livy Evans Huelskamp '90
Zack and Erin Hurwitz
Julie Keller and Amanda Kirkpatrick-Lawler
John Kennedy
Kendall and Courtney King
Denver and Emily Kitch
Dan and Kristin Kratzer
David and Leslie LaLonde
Kevin and Bailey Lamb
Rick and Kelly Lawson
Manny and Julie Leclercq
Ryan and Jenny Lewellyn
David and Jodi Lewis
Richard '00 and Elizabeth Magann
Little Magnolia Playschool
Randal Marsh - The Flower Truck

Sam and Mollie McCurdy
McDavid Family
Revan '05 and Katie McQueen
Kevin '95 and Andrea Miller
Scott and Allie Moore
Bryan Potthoff and Angela Morgan
Steve and Jennifer Morris-Fleming
Clay and Whitney Moss
John and Katie Nash
Ryan and Natalie Nelson
O'Daniel Family
Heidi and Kevin Offel
Rich Parma and Warren Oswalt
Andrew and Breena Parkinson
Brian and Constance Phelps
Eirik and Mikaela Price
Armando '91 and Megan Rosell
Matthew '00 and Annie Sartin
Brad and Jenny Schmitt
Zach and Dana Dobson Schwab '07
Bob and Nancy Smith
Grant and Amanda Soderberg
Joshua and Natausha Spears
Sean '97 and Leah Strickland
The Social Order Dining Collective
Tom and Bre Taccia
Dikran and Emily Tourian
Colby Anderson Varacchi '04
Tim and Beverly Vavricka
Bryan and Zan Waldenville
Brandon and Ashlee Waller
Harper '99 and Margo Ward
Kenyon and Brandi Woods
9th Street Barking Lot

Heart of Gold 2022 Chairs

List of 2 items.

  • Margo Ward

  • Julie Leclerq


Executive Committee

List of 9 items.

  • Keri Bradford

  • Blair Holmboe Bunch '00

  • Jay Ferguson ‘96

  • Jenny Gray Ferguson ‘96

  • Evie Holzer

  • Emily Kitch

  • Heather Verity Showalter ‘95

  • Bre Taccia

  • Bettyann Harrison Walker ‘96

Heritage Hall is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse community promoting fairness, acceptance, equal treatment, and opportunities for all. With regard to hiring, student admission, allocation of financial aid, and educational policy, it is our policy not to discriminate and to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or other applicable protected classification.