Named Endowment Funds

Through various endowments, donors honor family members, faculty, and the School, while ensuring Heritage Hall’s financial security for the future. Endowed funds may be created for scholarships, financial aid, academic chairs, capital improvements, or other educational purposes at Heritage Hall. We gratefully acknowledge our endowment donors.


General Endowment FundInitiated by a gift from former Heritage Hall Upper School Head Christopher B. Arnold, this fund is designated for operations and the greatest area of need for the school.

Norman Reynolds Endowed Fund - This fund, established by the family of Heritage Hall founder Norman E. Reynolds, supports the School’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Available to the wider community, the program hosts inspirational and respected speakers from among the arts, social and physical sciences, civics, philosophy, ethics, and sport who are committed to human understanding, awareness, justice, and social improvement.


Heritage Hall Alumni Association Master Teacher Endowed Fund - Established by the board of the Heritage Hall Alumni Association (HHAA), this endowment, augmented annually through profit from the Charger Open Golf Tournament, was created to support Heritage Hall faculty.

The Bogert Family Endowed Fund for Athletics
This fund supports a position in the Athletic Department established by Brian Bogert ’95 in 2019 in honor of his family. The Bogerts have devoted more than 50 years to character coaching and excellence in soccer, tennis, golf, football, volleyball, and teaching in their commitment to whole-child education.

Endowed Faculty Fund - Each year, the Gala raises funds in support of an endowment for Heritage Hall faculty, with an annual contribution goal of $125,000, to be matched by a donor who will then name an Endowed Chair recipient.

The Guy A. Bramble Chair in English and Language Arts
Established by the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation in 2018, this endowment is dedicated to the longtime, visionary Headmaster and member of the English department. The chair honors teaching excellence in the English or Language Arts Department for grades 5-12.

The Harrison Family Endowed Fund for ESS
Established by Russ Harrison in 2020, this endowment honors educators who acknowledge learning differences and provide a variety of programs, intervention strategies, and teaching methods to meet the learning needs and challenges of exceptional children.

The Julie O. Bramble Chair in Elementary Education 
Established by the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation in 2018, this endowment honors a teacher for grades PS-4 who demonstrates a nurturing approach, a deep passion for learning, and an unwavering devotion to students.

The Judith Ann Knott Chair for Distinguished Achievement in Elementary Education - Established by friends and family members of Judith Ann Knott, this endowment honors a teacher for grades PS-4 who demonstrates the professionalism and positive attitude that distinguished Judy as a teacher and person.

William Carson Harris '19 Middle School Faculty Chair - This fund was established by Glenn Harris ’77 in memory of his son. Will most appreciated the middle school teachers who cared in and out of the classroom and were devoted to his personal growth, happiness, and success. This endowment honors a teacher who demonstrates compassion and emphasizes the teacher-student relationship.


Endowed Student Support Fund - Established by several graduating classes as a legacy fund to provide financial aid for future students who would otherwise be unable to receive the education and experience that they received at Heritage Hall.

Heritage Hall Classes 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Rockett Scholarship Fund - This annual scholarship is awarded to a current senior in memory of David Rockett ’83.

Sterling Shepard '12 Endowed Fund for Financial Aid - Established in 2019 as a means to support the financial aid needs of minority students who wish to attend Heritage Hall and whose primary talents and interests lie in academics and/or the arts.

Catherine H. Stallings (CHS) Scholarship Fund
 - This memorial scholarship was established by the Stallings family to be awarded annually as part of a general scholarship fund.


The Boghetich Excellence in Teaching Prize - The Boghetich Excellence in Teaching Prize" is awarded annually to one teacher in each division who has completed (given) exemplary service at Heritage Hall and who demonstrates qualities that promote excellence in teaching: creativity, playfulness, humility, a firm command of one's subject matter, and unwavering commitment to student success.

Jason Patrick Pitzer Award
- Established by Bill and Ann Johnstone in memory of her son, Jason ’93 to be awarded annually to an 8th grade boy and girl who exemplify a positive attitude toward all aspects of school life through the display of friendship, cooperation, spirit, and love of life.
Sara Caroline Brinson Scholarship Fund Endowment - This memorial endowment was established by the family of Sara Brinson ’07, to be awarded annually to a senior who, like Sara, exhibits the ability to provide quiet, yet determined, leadership through service.


Boghetich Gymnasium Endowment - Established to provide funds necessary to maintain and update the gymnasium.

José Matos Landscape Endowment - This Board-designated endowment to enhance campus beautification was created in honor of the beloved former employee.  

Class of 1985 Endowment for the Arts - This endowment was initiated by Laura Kerr Ogle ’85 to encourage support for the arts at Heritage Hall.
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