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Lower School

Positive early learning environments start with creating a positive social and emotional environment built on caring and responsive relationships. The positive education framework promotes positive aspects of development in elementary-aged children, such as gratitude, positive emotions, accomplishment, and self-esteem.
Character Strengths
Using the 24 VIA Character Strengths, our young students learn about these universal virtues beginning with the more concrete ones such as kindness, teamwork, and honesty. Third and fourth graders discover their top strengths, how to recognize strengths in others, and serve as peer teachers to our ECC and kindergarten students.

Positive Emotions
Increasing students’ awareness of positive emotions, such as joy, gratitude, and hope is encouraged through art projects, journal writing, and circle time. Students learn to identify positive emotions, savor them at the moment, and “deposit” them in their memory bank.
Healthy Friendships 
Helping our youngest students become compassionate community members starts with friendship. Our youngest students learn friendly greetings, how to welcome others into activities, and how to advocate for fairness. Older students learn the seven steps of healthy conflict resolution and explore the dynamics of bullying in a three-book series.
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