Alumni Board

The Heritage Hall Alumni Association (HHAA) seeks to stimulate and nurture a spirit of pride, knowledge, and lifetime commitment to the mission and welfare of Heritage Hall.

To nominate a fellow Charger or yourself for the HHAA Board, please complete the nomination form.

List of 19 members.

  • Photo of Brett Bogert

    Brett Bogert 05

  • Photo of Blair Bunch

    Blair Bunch 00

  • Photo of Sarah Butler

    Sarah Butler 91

  • Photo of Jaiden Ackerman

    Jaiden Ackerman 15

  • Photo of Ashley Ford

    Ashley Ford 02

  • Photo of Abby Foshee

    Abby Foshee 06

  • Photo of Blake Lawrence

    Blake Lawrence 04

  • Robert Lewallen 08

  • Photo of Chad McManus

    Chad McManus 03

  • Photo of Carly Minks

    Carly Minks 02

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    Eric Renegar 00

  • Photo of Matthew Sartin

    Matthew Sartin 00

  • Photo of Ian Self

    Ian Self 16

  • Photo of Gregory Shanbour

    Gregory Shanbour 04

  • Photo of Spencer Shanbour

    Spencer Shanbour 09

  • Photo of Alex Snoddy

    Alex Snoddy 08

  • Cole Strickland 02

  • Photo of Sean Strickland

    Sean Strickland 97

  • Photo of Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor 99

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