Heritage Hall Diversity Committee's mission: to promote, celebrate, and serve all members of our community. To fulfill this goal, the Committee – consisting of faculty and administrative staff from each division – collaborates with various members of the Charger community to create curricula and programs representative of our School's diversity. 

Diversity and Inclusion at Heritage Hall

We Are All Pieces of the Same Puzzle We are committed to fostering an environment that recognizes and embraces the unique and different qualities of our students, faculty, and staff. We welcome and appreciate their various backgrounds, abilities, thoughts, and ideas which ultimately allows everyone to be their authentic selves, to fully engage, and be able to flourish. Heritage Hall strives to maintain a culture of inclusive and educational excellence where everyone feels accepted, valued, and respected and are provided opportunities to learn with and from diverse peers and faculty.

Program Initiatives

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  • No Place For Hate

    A program involving various activities to help improve and maintain a school climate in which all students can thrive. HH was named the first No Place for Hate School in Oklahoma for the 2020-21 school year.
  • Unity Day

    Celebrated by each division with various activities, events, and presentations to showcase the diverse interests and personalities of our HH community and to further the school’s mission of shaping compassionate, courageous, and open-minded young leaders.
  • Courageous Conversations

    Moderated virtual conversations among invited panelists on various topics open to the HH and outside community.
  • Charger Spotlight

    Lower School recognition of the many cultures that exist in the Heritage Hall community as well as in our surrounding community.  The mission statement is “We are all different but we are one Charger Family.”  Our own HH students as well as students from the University of Central Oklahoma's SPICE Program share their culture and uniqueness through video and in-person presentations of their culture and uniqueness through video and in-person presentations.
  • Student Clubs

    Diversity Club provides an opportunity to bring together our students to learn and address issues of diversity and to promote cultural awareness, embrace their differences as well as the many things that they have in common.
  • GSA Affinity Group

    Upper School Student-led group with the goal to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of their gender or gender identity.
  • Monthly Diversity Calendar Recognitions

    Recognize and celebrate various cultures, holidays, and other forms of diversity within our student population to ensure that everyone feels acknowledged and accepted.
  • Weekly Reading Program

    Diversity staff and students participate in reading times with the ECC classes to utilize storybooks to help our youngest students to understand our similarities, differences, and the importance of acceptance and kindness.
  • Lunch and Learns

    Lunch time faculty and staff video viewing and open conversations related to a variety of topics.

Our Team

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  • Photo of Teresa Turner

    Teresa Turner 

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion
    University of Oklahoma - B.A. and M. Ed.
  • Photo of Rickey Tinney

    Rickey Tinney 

    LS Spanish, Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion
    University of Oklahoma - Spanish
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Heritage Hall is a co-educational college preparatory school in Oklahoma City. As one of the few secular private schools in the state, we offer a challenging academic curriculum for students from preschool through grade 12, as well as unique leadership opportunities, a wide spectrum of athletics, and a well developed fine arts program.