Charger Athletics

Charger Athletics

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  • Building Champions for Life

    In Middle School, students are introduced to a variety of team and individual sports as they develop interpersonal skills, including cooperation and teamwork. Beginning in the seventh grade, students may participate in competitive athletics, where they develop a strong sense of confidence and gain a deeper understanding of sportsmanship, discipline, and accountability. Our philosophy maintains that some of the greatest lessons in life are often learned on the field of play, in defeat as well as in victory.

    In the Upper School, the athletics program continues to be an integral part of the Heritage Hall educational experience. Heritage Hall participates as a member of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) and competes for district and state championships in 14 sports.
Health and fitness play an essential role in Heritage Hall's balanced curriculum, which includes daily physical education instruction, beginning in preschool.

Programs & Requirements

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  • Athletics Requirement

    Students in all grades are required to take physical education classes and starting in seventh grade, competitive sports are offered as an alternative. These co-curricular activities are available to students in grades 7-12. Practices are held during the regular school day for Middle School students (seventh- and eighth-grade students) and after school for Upper School. Games can be scheduled at any time. Each competitive sport is available during a specific season.
  • Annual Sports Physicals

    Every student in grades 7-12 enrolled in a sport must have a sports physical completed and a release form on file for the current school year. Although not required, we highly recommend a one-time baseline EKG which can be kept on file. Whenever possible, Heritage Hall schedules physicals on campus in May before the end of the school year as a courtesy to our patrons (check School Calendar).
  • Waivers for Alternative Sports

    A student who trains in an athletic endeavor not offered by the school, and who qualifies for "a regional or national competitive level," may petition for a waiver of the athletic requirement. The grounds for these exceptions are that the time involved in the training precludes a balanced schedule if the student is also engaged in after-school athletic practice at Heritage Hall. Such students may petition to satisfy their graduation requirement through their respective sport by submitting an Athletic Alternative Application to the Head of School. Such exceptions are made only for athletes engaged in programs with a certified coach or trainer.

Athletic Offerings

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  • Football

  • Cheer

  • Fastpitch

  • Volleyball

  • Cross Country

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  • Basketball

  • Pom

  • Swimming

  • Wrestling

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  • Baseball

  • Tennis

  • Soccer

  • Track & Field

  • Golf

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Christian Gfeller

    Christian Gfeller 

    Athletic Director, Director of P.E.
  • Photo of Dylan Sullivan

    Dylan Sullivan 

    Assistant Athletic Director, US Boys' Basketball
  • Photo of Xavier Freeman

    Xavier Freeman 

    Middle School Sports Coordinator
  • Photo of Luke Steelman

    Luke Steelman 93

    Director of Sports Media, ChargerVision
  • Photo of Leslie Hamlin

    Leslie Hamlin 

    Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director, MS Girls' Basketball, MS Tennis
  • Photo of Mallery Gannaway

    Mallery Gannaway 

    Athletic Trainer
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