Affording a Heritage Hall Education

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  • Tuition and Financial Aid

    Below you will find information about Heritage Hall's tuition and payment options for the 2024-25 academic year. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Admission Office at

2024-25 Tuition

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  • Preschool

    Five half-days: $11,825
    Two half-days and three whole days: $16,925
    Five whole days: $19,050
  • Pre-K

    Two half-days and three whole days: $16,925
    Five whole days: $19,050
  • Grades K-4

  • Grades 5-6

  • Grades 7-12


Educational Support Services (ESS)*

Grades 2-4: $25,075
Grades 5-6: $25,875
Grades 7-12: $29,525

*Educational Support Services - For students with professionally diagnosed learning differences. Read more.
Tuition rates do not include books, lunch, and other related fees. Prices for the Heritage Hall Lunch Program featuring SAGE Dining are as follows for the 2023-24 academic year:

  • Preschool and Pre-kindergarten (ECC) - 5 full days, $1,200
  • Preschool and Pre-kindergarten (ECC) - 3 full days 2 half days, $800
  • Kindergarten through Grade 4 - $1,300
  • Grades 5 through 8 - $1,400

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition is payable in one of three ways: annually, by semester, or monthly over ten months, depending on your individual needs. We accept electronic fund transfers, debit cards, and credit cards.

Patrons will be required to participate in the Tuition Refund Program (TRP) if they elect to pay tuition in monthly installments or by semester. The fee to participate in the program is 1.5% of the annual tuition rate.

Tuition Assistance

The Board of Trustees is committed to making a Heritage Hall education available to all qualified students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in grades 5-12. Need-based tuition assistance is awarded each year as determined by the School and Student Financial Aid Service (SSS) and in accordance with Heritage Hall's policies and guidelines (see FAQs below). Visit the SSS site for more information and to submit a financial aid application.

Please note that all candidates must have completed the admission process and been accepted before applying for financial aid. 


List of 20 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Tuition Assistance process?

    Tuition assistance funds are limited; applications must be received by the deadline to be eligible for full consideration. A completed tuition assistance application consists of the following:
      1. Copy of the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and Report of Family Contribution (RFC). These documents will be sent directly to Heritage Hall from School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) upon their Receipt of your completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).
      2. Completed and signed copy of 2023 Federal Income Tax Forms. Your financial records are kept in a safe and confidential file and are only assessed by our auditors in case of a Heritage Hall audit.
    • Optional: a written explanation of any unusual circumstances that have affected your family’s financial situation this year that you would like Heritage Hall to consider.
  • What are the Tuition Assistance Program principles?

    • Tuition assistance is the single most important tool in maintaining a diverse student body.
    • No athletic scholarships; only need-based assistance.
    • Consistent with our philosophy that parents should invest in their children’s education, Heritage Hall does not grant 100% tuition awards.
    • TAP enable students to participate in all aspects of school life on a fair and equitable basis (no work-study programs).
    • Only families of students in grades 5-12 may apply. Family’s need is determined by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) and all supporting documents.
    • All families must re-apply each year.
    • Priority is given to current families prior to making any new commitments.
    • We recognize the increasing burden of tuition on middle-income families and work to retain our students using any assistance and support available.
    • TAP is completely confidential. Only members of the financial aid committee are aware of who receives aid. It is imperative that grant recipients and their parents honor the confidential nature of this program. Failure to do so could result in the loss of assistance. Financial records are kept in a safe place and are only accessed by our auditors.
  • How does Heritage Hall fund its Tuition Assistance Program?

    Our Tuition Assistance Program is funded by the School’s operating budget. Heritage Hall believes that diversity makes for good education and we are committed to making this school affordable for a diverse community. We do not receive any state or federal funds.
  • How is tuition assistance determined?

    Heritage Hall is a member of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) which assists independent schools in determining a family’s financial need. The Report of Family Contribution (RFC), which is computed by SSS, is reviewed by our Financial Aid Committee along with supporting documents. The RFC report serves as a guideline in making financial aid decisions but it does not bind the school to any specific grant.
  • Do you offer Grants?

    Yes, aid is typically awarded as an outright grant, which does not require repayment.
  • Who may apply for tuition assistance?

    Any qualified student entering grades 5 through 12.
  • Does the request for tuition assistance influence the admission process?

    No. Heritage Hall accepts students based on academic merit, test scores, and personal qualities. Tuition assistance files are reviewed and awards are made only after students have been accepted by the admission committee.
  • How is financial need determined?

    Financial need is determined as the difference between what it costs to attend Heritage Hall and a family’s ability to pay. The Report of Family Contribution is sent to Heritage Hall by SSS (and is available online for parents to view), which provides the School with a general assessment of a family’s ability to pay for education. Major factors in determining financial need include, but are not limited to, income, assets (including home equity, college funds, and investments), family size, and the number of children attending tuition-charging institutions, excluding daycare, preschool, and graduate school.
  • Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year?

    No. Heritage Hall requires families receiving tuition assistance to reapply each year. While we assume ongoing financial support for students who are awarded assistance, a change in such criteria as income, family status, and the number of children attending private institutions may result in increases or decreases in the award amount. An additional part of the process is a review of the academic and conduct records of all recipients. We expect that grant recipients honor the award with commitment and dedication.
  • May I apply for tuition assistance if it is after the deadline?

    Yes. We realize that many students may seek admission and tuition assistance after the deadline. We welcome all applications but, financially, we may be limited in the level of support that we can provide.
  • My spouse does not work. How will that affect my financial aid award?

    Since it is our belief that families bear the primary responsibility for financing the education of their children, it is our policy to expect both parents to contribute financially. If your spouse chooses not to work and has children in school full time, the School will impute a $25,000 income onto the non-earning spouse.
  • What happens if parents voluntarily reduce their income?

    It is our policy to decline to subsidize a parent’s voluntary reduction of income. It is assumed that parents have considered the financial impact of that decision on their ability to afford the tuition at Heritage Hall, recognizing that such a change could prevent a child from enrolling or returning to school. Returning to school for professional or graduate work, or to change careers, and in some cases, starting your own business is considered a voluntary reduction in income, and is treated accordingly.
  • I never do my taxes until the IRS April 15 deadline. Will this affect my financial aid award?

    Yes. You must complete your taxes early enough to comply with our deadline.
  • Is there a fee associated with the application for assistance?

    Yes. SSS charges $60 to process your application. You have the option of requesting that a copy of the Report of Family Contribution (RFC) be sent to you as well as the school(s) indicated for an additional fee.
  • How will I be notified of my award?

    New families applying for assistance will receive a contract reflecting the award after a decision is made by the Financial Aid Committee. A $100 registration fee must be submitted with the signed contract to complete the enrollment process.
  • If parents are requesting tuition assistance for more than one student are there special instructions?

    No. Parents need to file only one PFS for all children planning to attend Heritage Hall or any other tuition charging institution listed in the instruction book.
  • What happens if parents are divorced or separated?

    We believe that parents have an obligation to pay for the educational expenses of their children to the extent they are able. The Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of both natural parents, if living, before making any award, and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed legally, or otherwise, responsibility for educational expenses. If either parent has remarried, the committee will also consider the income and assets of the stepparent, always bearing in mind the obligation of that stepparent to his or her own natural children.
    In view of this policy, we require that both natural parents and their current spouses, if any, complete a separate PFS form. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ask the non-custodial parent to complete this form.
  • Waiving of Requirement

    Waiving the requirement for a PFS from both parents will be considered under certain, specific circumstances. Contact the Director of Financial Aid for more information.
  • What payment plans are available?

    Heritage Hall offers four different payment options: an annual payment, semester payments, and monthly payment plans over ten months. All payments are handled either by automatic withdrawals from your bank account or by check or cash. Credit cards may be used for registration fees and books, but are not allowed for tuition payments.
  • If I receive tuition assistance, do I still have to purchase tuition refund insurance?

    Yes, unless you pay your portion of tuition in full. If you elect to pay the balance of your tuition by semester or monthly, you will have to purchase the tuition insurance only on the unpaid portion.
Heritage Hall is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse community promoting fairness, acceptance, equal treatment, and opportunities for all. With regard to hiring, student admission, allocation of financial aid, and educational policy, it is our policy not to discriminate and to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or other applicable protected classification.